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Domestic Plumbing

Having excellent plumbing installation is imperative. Nobody wants leaking pipes and overflowing drains. At Clinton Electrical & Mechanical Installations, we ensure we provide a top service quality using premium products with PPR Aquatherm pipes for all plumbing installations. Whether you’re looking for domestic plumbing services or commercial plumbing system, our professional plumbers can handle any requirements. We take care of your hot and cold water systems, backed up with WILO pressure and circulation pumps, second class water systems and mains water supply.

Drainage and Rainwater

The environment we live in and the resources we make use of are of great importance. At Clinton Electrical & Mechanical Installations, we handle all your drainage and rainwater requirements including underground sewage and rainwater harvesting. By harvesting rain water through the use of a well, you help the environment by using nature’s natural water. It also saves you costs on your water bill.

Water Classes

We install a variety of water systems that fit every possible requirement.

  • First class water systems, which generate domestic water from the tank.
  • Second class water systems, which re-uses rainwater for flushing and irrigation systems.
  • Reverse Osmosis treatments.

Going green is all the hype and with good reason. Join the sustainability agenda and implement the best water class systems for your home or commercial premises, and enjoy savings on your overall water consumption.

Central heating and cooling

Feeling comfortable at home or at work is vital for your overall well-being. We undertake installation of multiple central heating systems, underfloor heating and provide cooling services with pipework circulating hot and cold water from chillers and boilers.

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