Fire Fighting

High-performance solutions for full protection and peace of mind.


Clinton Electrical & Mechanical Installations offers high-performance solutions which are designed to transport water as efficiently as possible to the required destination. The company installs water pumps to extract fresh, clean water which is essential for fire-fighting. Fire-fighting pumps and systems at Malta’s International Airport, fuel-service stations, supermarkets, heavy fuel bunker depots have been implement for full protection.

Fire sprinkler systems

Keep your premises safe against fire and protect those around you. It is a known fact that fire sprinklers are the first line of defence against fire. It is vital that you have a fire sprinkler system installed in your premises for full peace-of-mind.

Fire hydrant systems

It is important to be able to extract water in a safe manner from the ground in case of an emergency. We install fire hydrant systems, (also known as fire pumps) in the common areas of apartment blocks. All our hydrant systems are integrated with fire hose reels and fire cabinets.

Fire alarms

Being able to have a system which alerts you in case of fire is vital in all premises. We install fire alarm systems to give you peace-of-mind that you are in safe hands.

Smoke heat detection systems

It is necessary to have your premises covered with smoke heat detection system. At Clinton Electrical & Mechanical Installations, we install smoke heat detection systems, so the minute smoke starts following a technical malfunction, you’ll be immediately alerted.

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