From domestic tasks to large-scale projects, we offer electrical services excellence.

Power & Lighting Installations

Clinton Electrical & Mechanical Installations adapts its power and lighting services to suit your needs. Power and lighting requirements vary from client to client, whether for commercial use or a private residence. We provide high-quality products for canalisation and wiring; complete with top brands for light fittings and fixtures. We ensure that our quality standards are achieved following each project.

We provide a top-quality service for our customers. All our installations are tested to ensure they are up to standard and are fully certified.

Electrical Switchgear

Safeguard your installation with the right switchgear. Clinton Electrical & Mechanical Installations offers full security for your installations, whether it’s your home or commercial premises.

We implement systems for electrical switchgear distribution panels, designed specifically whether the project is for residential properties or commercial establishments; such as offices, hotels, retail shops and healthcare premises.

Network Cabling

At Clinton Electrical & Mechanical Installations, we understand the necessity in having data cabling done right. In a data-hungry world, establishing efficient data cabling is of utmost importance. We offer the installation of data cabling and telephony systems with certification of structured cabling.

Lightning Protection

It is vital to protect your home and commercial property from lightning damage. In the heat of thunderstorm season, electronic malfunction due to a lightning strike are often experienced. Lightning can cause damage to your property or other premises nearby; as well as injury or even loss of life to humans and animals.

Clinton Electrical & Mechanical Installations can help protect your home, office and commercial premises by installing an external lightning protection system. The system ensures that any lightning voltage created from natural occurances are dispersed safely to the earth.

Clinton Electrical & Mechanical Installations offers lightning protection systems using lightning rods for buildings.

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