Vario Sunports

Use our solar carport as solar “gas station” for your electric vehicle or use the generated electricity in your home – as you like. Our VARIO SUNport makes for an attractive eye catcher both, in front of your home or on company parking lots.

Advantages for private customers:

  • Powerful complete package
  • Reduced dependency on electricity price hikes
  • Ideally complements existing solar power¬†installations on roofs
  • Single- or double car port possible
  • Attractive and robust design
  • In Germany guaranteed returns and state subsidies for 20 years

Advantages for companies and investors:

  • Modular concept for maximum flexibility
  • Configuration adjustable to the requirements of each location
  • Improved overall CO2¬†budget of the company
  • Company image improvement through sustainable technology
  • Ideal for company and retail store parking lots
  • Guaranteed tariffs and fixed returns
  • Pleasing design, individually adjustable

Calculating Your VARIO SUNport:

Based upon a single carport, an electricity price of 20 Cent/kWh and an assumed increase in electricity costs of 5% annually and a subsidy maturity of 20 years, we arrive at the following calculation for return on investment (for Germany, as of fall 2011):

VARIO SUNport 100% grid feeding 40% Own use
Max. system output 2.16 kWp 2.16 kWp
Annual solar yield 850 kWh/kWp x a 850 kWh/kWp x a
Grid feeding tariff 24.43 Cent/kWh* 24.43 Cent/kWh*
Subsidy for own use 8.05 Cent/kWh (to 30% own use)
12.43 Cent/kWh (over 30% own use)*
Total return
8,970.70 Euro 12,067.68 Euro

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