Solar Racking Systems

Durable fastening of solar collectors puts high demands on design and quality of the racking system. We developed our own racking system, which is perfect for attaching your collectors. We also certify that your structural planning meets standards laid down by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and EUROCODE 1.

Pre-assembled parts for quick and easy installation Front side assembly for ease and speed Commercial roof mounting solutions


EURO TRIC A system for on-roof racking on nearly all roof typesOn-roof mounting for most roof types

  • Safe and fast racking
  • Highly efficient
  • Attachable to nearly all roofs
  • Light and high-quality aluminum racking rails with connector pieces
  • Wide choice of roof brackets
  • No major penetration of the roofing required



EURO TRIC I  for roof integrated installation is an architecturally appealing option

  • Extremely flat, roof-integrated installation
  • Where they are fitted, the collectors form the roofing
  • As safe and leak-proof as a skylight
  • Visually pleasing integration
  • Complete packages including all fastening components
  • Snow and wind loads insignificant

EURO TRIC F free-standing systems – infinite flexibility

Flat roof mounting including low ballast solutions

  • Solar heating systems on flat roofs or free-standing
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Aluminum frame with variable angles of inclination
  • Stainless steel bolts fasten the collectors
  • Certification for norm-conforming structural design

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