Solar Inverters

Inverters convert the direct current produced by solar panels into grid-conforming alternating current. As the interface with the public grid, the grid feed inverters are especially important. Only when inverters are optimally synchronized with the solar array maximum yields can be achieved.

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We only use inverters made by market-leading European manufacturers. Matched precisely with various sizes of solar arrays and panel types, they ensure maximum yields, trouble-free integration with the grid and a long service life.

 Features at a glance:

  • Pleasing design and outstanding finish
  • Many data display, monitoring and recording options
  • Maximum yield through top efficiency
  • Many years’ experience and international format of the manufacturers guarantee matured technology
  • Optimal service: if needed, a hotline connects you directly with the manufacturer
  • Standardized racking technology makes installation easy and secure
  • We give a five-year product warranty on all inverters
The inverters are equipped with easy to read data displays and all necessary monitoring and safety provisions.
  They are very easy to operate, high performers and very durable.

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