The SECUterm thermosiphon system* was designed specifically for conditions around the Mediterranean, in the sub-tropics and tropics where solar irradiation is high. By using physical principles it needs no external electricity supply, driven only by sunshine. Thermosiphon refers to a method of passive heat exchange based on natural convection which circulates liquid without the necessity of a mechanical pump.

Highest Heat Yield of All Thermosiphon Systems

Our SECUterm 160 / 200 with its powerful solar collector EURO L42 TS and optimized heat insulation marks the performance peak among thermosiphon systems. The Test Center Saarbrücken (TZSB), a branch of the renown Institute for Future Energy Systems (IZES), tested the system along the Solar Keymark rules. Of all actually published Solar Keymark certified installations in its class SECUterm achieved the highest yields (location Athens).

Simple and variable installation

Extensive pre-assembly and detailed instructions facilitate simple racking. The SECUterm system is suited to both free-standing and on-roof installation.

Special features

The especially durable hot water tank is delivered together with a high-performance solar collector specifically developed for the system. Innovative thermostatic protection safely prevents the system from overheating.

Best in the South, reliable in the North

SECUterm’s great reliability makes it especially suitable for tropical and sub-tropical regions with high solar irradiation. But it also delivers a reliable yield in the northern hemisphere. SECUterm comes in various sizes to suit households of three to six people. The system can also be combined into larger installations.



Scope of supply

  • Solar storage tanks holding 160 l, 200 l and 300 l with double jacket heat exchanger and electric immersion heater  (1.5 kW)
  • High-performance collector/s (1 or 2 )
  • Solar fluid
  • Thermostatic overheat protection and completely insulated connection hoses
  • Safety valves for solar and DHW circuits
  • Complete kit for on-roof racking or installation on a flat roof

*The SECUterm system is in Germany not available.


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