The SECUSOL solar system is a pre-assembled full fledged high performance compact solar water heating system. Its closed circuit drainback technology suits it especially to high irradiation areas, such as southern Europe, the tropics and sub-tropics.

It doesn’t get more compact
All solar circuit subassemblies are already fitted inside the storage tank. That allows the complete solar system to be placed in limited space.

Durably high yields
Two EURO solar collectors with output-boosting anti-reflection glass deliver high yields.

Installation made easy 
The pre-assembled storage unit supersedes the need to install a solar circulator and controller. Pipe laying is also simplified. Quickly installable micro-tubing from a reel is all it takes to connect the storage tank and collectors.

Low maintenance and high operational safety
When the pump is idle, there is no solar liquid in the collectors. Hence all vulnerable components are protected against overheating in hot weather. No expansion vessel, deaerator and convection check valves (gravity brakes) are required, reducing maintenance to a minimum.
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Scope of supply

  • 2 solar collectors EURO C22 M10 AR with 4,5 m² gross area (4,1 m² aperture area)
  • 1 on-roof collector set (2 collectors in horizontal format next to or one above the other) or 1 free-standing set (2 solar collectors in horizontal format side by side)
  • 1 storage tank with 250 l, with two welded-in plain-pipe heat exchangers for solar and backup heating circuits, solar controller SUNGO solar, circulator group and safety subassembly.
  • 1 solar fluid DC 20; 2,5 liter
  • 1 detailed documentation

The system will fit up to 8.50 meters height and a total circuit length of up to 30 meters. The collector area cannot be extended.


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