Company Profile

Clinton Electrical & Mechanical Installations (CEMI) is an organisation specialized in Mechanical and Electrical Services serving the domestic and commercial sectors both locally in Malta and abroad.

Commencing in 2004 focusing on household electrical and plumbing services the operations have increased to focus on a wider scope of clients ranging from industrial and large scale installations mainly in the catering, business and tourism sectors to domestic household projects.

Today Clinton Electrical & Mechanical Installations offers its services in three distinct areas, which are:

Electrical Services such as Switchgear, Power cabling, Power & Lighting Installations, Smoke Detection systems, CCTV systems, and Security Alarm systems, Data Cabling Installations, Lighting Protection and Street Lighting. These projects are mainly under consideration of an architect, then transposed to actual site duties.

Mechanical Services such as Hot/Cold/Second Class water Installations, 2nd class water, Pipe work, Air-conditioning systems, Ventilation installations, Pressurized Air systems, Ductwork, Fire Fighting Installations, and Pumping Stations.

Renewable Energy such as Photovoltaic Installations, Solar Water heaters, Space Heating – Under floor heating, Pellet Boilers, Pool Heating and Off-Grid Systems.

CEMI also imports specialized products from the EU for the local and international markets ranging from high-grade electrical and plumbing products to high tech bracketing systems and health and safety products.

The aim of CEMI is to provide clients with the most cost efficient solutions without compromising on both the quality of the service and materials used in the installations. All projects are finished within the agreed time frames and are focused on delivering the project within the agreed budget.

CEMI has a portfolio of qualified professionals including Mechanical & Electrical Engineers who have substantial experience in designing building services systems. Moreover, an experienced Project Management Team who is in constant communication with the client on the project.

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